Passing Through the Mist
Listen to the advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future ~Proverbs 19.20
Thursday's in August 7-8.30pm
Wisdom is either learned through submission or earned through subjection  
Each of you has wisdom that has been earned through difficulty or learned by heeding, and each of you is a font of wisdom to someone who has yet to walk a similar path.
Passing Through the Mist is a Mutual Discussion Study that is designed to facilitate the sharing of wisdom between generations in order to spare others trials that we have had to endure, while receiving wisdom that we have yet to experience.
In other words: we need you to come in order to gain the most out of our collective experiences; good or bad, difficult or easy, ongoing or completed; we either let others suffer alone, or help each other together as we all seek God's will for every stage of life.
Our first session is on Pregnancy and Parenting and we welcome everyone over 14 to share in the discussion.
August 9th; Pregnancy and Parenting
August 16th; Dating and Marriage
August 23rd; Career and Retirement
August 30th; Death and Beyond
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